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Piano Lessons for Teenagers

In their early teens, students develop critical and strategic thinking skills that enable continued, independent learning at home and ultimately accelerate their results.

At this point in their development, the student takes more ownership over his/her own learning and the teacher becomes more of a facilitator. The student is encouraged to think independently and to apply critical and creative thinking processes to their own playing both in their lessons and during their practice at home. These life skills will allow them to progress at a quicker rate with less reliance on the teacher and will continue to benefit them not only musically, but in other areas of their life.

In the early secondary years, if the student hasn't already considered doing so, it is a good idea to discuss the option of commencing formal theory and practical examinations as this will set them up for future VCE Music studies. However, Felicity places no pressure on students or their parents to do examinations as she understands that some students wish to play purely for leisure. 

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