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2020, Nicola (mother of student) - online / in person

My daughter, Alese, has been having regular lessons with Felicity for a few years. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have switched temporarily to remote learning lessons online. Although Alese misses the personal interaction with Felicity, she has thoroughly enjoyed her online lessons and continues her steady progression in learning.

We have found the transition seamless, as Felicity has gone to such efforts to set up the technology in a way that the lessons are run smoothly and effectively. Felicity utilises cameras to show close-ups of hands when demonstrating and shared screens for theory work whilst eliminating any noise distractions and still maintaining her friendly face contact when talking to Alese. 

Felicity is also very organised and efficient. At the end of each lesson an email is sent through within a few minutes, outlining what was achieved in the lesson, what to work on, positive feedback for Alese and the next lesson’s plan.

Felicity is incredibly patient and encouraging towards Alese. She continues to provide a fun and friendly learning environment and is very considerate of the abilities and interests of Alese, providing a good mix of practical exercises and pieces, theory and fun pieces to learn.

We highly recommend Felicity as a piano teacher for both face-to-face and online learning."

2020, Parents of student (Thomas) - online / in person

"Our son Thomas has been having piano lessons with Felicity for four years now, starting when he was 7 years old. Felicity has been excellent with him. So calm, friendly, great at helping him stay focused on the task at hand but also happy to hear his news and thoughts. Thomas always looks forward to his piano lessons with Felicity and loves that he gets to choose a piece of music to learn alongside his usual lessons which can be eclectic (Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Smoke on the Water, Ed Sheeran etc). Felicity has a lovely piano for lessons at her studio and now offers online lessons which we are thrilled about so there is no pause in Thomas’ lessons when we can’t attend in person. The online lesson is great, they can see and hear each other perfectly and there is practically no difference in how the lesson is held. We highly recommend Felicity as a piano teacher and thank her for being such a great teacher for our son. " 

2020, Gerda, 70 years old - online / in person

"I really enjoy my online lessons with Felicity. After my initial hesitation of learning to use zoom, I have found it to be surprisingly simple and straightforward and the teacher instructions and demonstrations are clear and easy to follow.

Some of the positives are as follows:

  • the print out of the notes received via email immediately after the lesson are easy to follow
  • using my own piano at home makes me more relaxed when playing
  • the dog also loves it that I don't have to leave her and is happy to provide me with a non-judgemental audience"

Music piece for online learning: Mozart, Piano Sonata KV 545 in C Major

2020, Joanne (mother of student) - online / in person

"My daughter has been learning piano with Felicity for nearly a year now. We had been having weekly lessons in Felicity’s studio, until recently when we had to adapt to zoom meetings.

In both settings we have found Felicity to be very personable, exceptionally well organised, professional, and very much dedicated to her teaching.

Lesson plans are well thought out and her assistance to my daughter is exceptional. My daughter's learning has not been impacted by the change from studio to online learning. I would definitely recommend Felicity as a wonderful piano teacher."

2020, Darcie - online only

"I started piano lessons with Felicity after an almost 15 year break. Felicity is a wonderful teacher who encouraged me to start from the beginning with the basics and gain a more thorough understanding of reading and learning music. She assisted with my purchase of an electric piano with some very helpful advice.

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, my lessons have been online via Zoom. The delivery has been great, and a lot better than I expected that it would be. Almost as if you are in person. You can see Felicity demonstrate on her piano with the use of her different cameras and it is easy to set up your own with a laptop or handheld device. It is also very helpful to have lesson notes and music sheets emailed through after lessons to revise. 

I have no hesitation to recommend Felicity for those starting out or, like me, revisiting the piano! She is passionate about the instrument and patient with learning. Thank you Felicity!"

2020, Tim (father of student) - online / in person

“Our daughter had her regular piano lesson with Felicity this afternoon. It was fantastic. The lesson was really productive. Felicity was well organised. The lesson started on time and the use of Zoom to facilitate the lesson was most effective. Felicity had a brief conversation with our daughter to begin the lesson, which was great in terms of continuing to maintain their positive relationship. Felicity then coached Clare through her scales and her use of her lesson book. The use of camera to stream Felicity’s piano playing from above appeared to be an effective instructional tool. Felicity also used the screen sharing function of Zoom to carry out the regular note theory online activity. Our daughter then performed the current song she is working on with Felicity. Felicity offered affirmation, instruction and feedback for improvement throughout the lesson. We look forward to further online lessons during the time ahead. We recommend Felicity’s remote classes to others.” 

2020, Clare (student) - online / in person

“Today I had an online lesson with Felicity. I enjoyed the lesson today because I can still have it while we're not allowed to meet in person. I liked how I was still able to do my note identification. I also liked being able to see Felicity at the start. It was also helpful to see her play. What I like about Felicity’s teaching is that she helps me perfect all of the work before moving on. It was good to do the lesson online and I can still enjoy doing my lessons.”

2019, Lucy Newcomb

Our daughter Clare has been taking piano lessons with Felicity Flynn for several years.

Felicity’s combined skill, experience and love for music make her a highly qualified piano teacher. We have been so impressed with Felicity’s professionalism; her enthusiasm, compassionate nature, and patient and friendly demeanour have ensured our daughter not only thoroughly enjoys her lessons but is constantly challenged and engaged in both practical and theoretical components of music.

Felicity is extremely knowledgeable, a talented musician, a gifted teacher, highly organised, flexible and reliable. Communication is outstanding, with Felicity providing valuable and constant feedback on both technical and theoretical progress and opportunities for improvement.

Clare’s progress in piano has surpassed our expectations; we are so impressed with how far she has come in just a few years of lessons and how she is constantly challenged. Moreover, Clare absolutely loves her lessons and her enjoyment of and accomplishments in piano is undoubtedly due to Felicity’s excellent teaching ability, positive disposition and genuine interest in her students. Her passion for music is infectious and certainly allows her to get the very best from her students.

I highly recommend Felicity as a piano teacher; I am sure students of any ability would greatly benefit from her tuition.

2019, Gerda

I am a mature age student , 70 this month, and have been learning piano on and off over the years. For the past two years I have been studying piano with Felicity. This is the first time that I have the pleasure of being taught by someone of Felicity’s abilities . I have learnt more from her than I have from any previous piano teachers.

She is a talented musician, organised and friendly. I am developing technical skills and playing pieces I previously thought way beyond my abilities. She is patient and positive in her feedback and proceeds at a pace that suits my level of playing.

I am able to use my phone to record Felicity demonstrating the various playing techniques I need so I can watch these back when I practise at home. This has been extremely beneficial.

Altogether a very happy and positive way to continue learning new musical skills into my retirement. I can highly recommend Felicity to anyone keen to learn piano.

2018, Rychelle Wilson

I have been taking piano lessons on and off since I was 7 years old.

After starting lessons with Felicity, I was able to focus more on my technique and timing then I ever had before. As a result, it gave me more control over how I was playing, a better understanding of the importance of technique and created a better sound when I played. Felicity was able to customise our lessons to focus directly on the areas I needed to work on, at the pace that worked for me.

Felicity's thoroughness and attention to detail makes her a fantastic teacher, I couldn't recommend her more. 

2016, Kirsty

It has been a delight to have Felicity teaching our eight year old daughter piano for the past six months. Her gentle nature and friendly teaching style have really helped build our daughter’s confidence in her ability this year. Felicity works hard to ensure our daughter feels a sense of pride and achievement at the end of each lesson, with a sound grasp of material covered. Felicity is thorough in her lesson content and uses creative and enjoyable technological methods to consolidate our daughter’s note reading ability. We have also found Felicity to be very reasonable and flexible in changing lesson times when required, and it is a pleasure to take our daughter to her piano lesson each week.

2015, Julie

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as a reference for Felicity Flynn. I have known Felicity for nearly one year now as she has been tutoring both my children piano. My children are in Year 3 and Year 1.

I have found Felicity to be reliable, conscientious and courteous. She is an easygoing person, adaptable to change as we have had to reschedule a few lessons and she is willing to adapt accordingly. Her patience with the children is excellent. She is diligent in what she does and always comes well prepared for the lessons.

I have found Felicity to be easygoing and approachable by the children. She is easy to talk to and always provides feedback about my children’s progress. She is positive towards the children and I have seen the confidence with both my children grow since they have been learning the piano with Felicity. She listens to what the children have to say and will always assist as is required. She makes the lessons fun for them and enjoyable and is aware of their strengths and weaknesses and plans the lessons accordingly for each child.

The musical knowledge that Felicity has is extraordinary. She has an excellent ear for music as well as technical knowledge and understanding. She plays the piano incredibly and also gives the children an insight into how well one can become with practice.

She is motivated and through her positive outlook you can see how much she enjoys teaching the piano and her love for music.

I trust that the information provided will be of assistance.

Thank you.

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